• Introduction01
    • Photovoltaic Laboratory

    • Suntech Photovoltaic Products Inspection & Testing Center is an internal independent testing organization specialized in inspection and testing of solar photovoltaic products, which is built with the investment from Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd., completely complies with the management requirements of ISO/IEC17025General Requirements for Capacities of Inspection and Calibration Laboratories(CNAS-CL01Rules for Recognition of Capacities of Inspection and Calibration Laboratories), and has the world’s leading inspection capability in the photovoltaic industry.


      The Testing Center is divided into two parts: the indoor, with the area of 1,800m2, and the outdoor, with the area of 3,000m2, under which are four teams respectively specialized in Performance Testing, Safety Inspection, Environment Monitoring and Outdoor Power Station. It has ushered in over 100 sets of advanced instruments and equipment at home and abroad, possessed cutting-edge testing equipment including high-precision pulse and steady-state solar simulators, several walk-in environmental chambers, and portable I/V testers, and successfully and independently developed the state-of-the-art experimental installations such as outdoor remote data collection system, outdoor meteorological monitoring system, hail tester, and mechanical load, which all have been accepted by authoritative institutions; additionally, it is capable of independently completing the inspection and testing items required by the international standard tests.


      This Testing Center has built outdoor power stations for testing, respectively in Wuxi (east China) and Xining (west China), for the purpose of research on the long-term reliability of photovoltaic modules and materials under different climatic conditions and on the actual outdoor generating capacities of modules. The outdoor testing data can be monitored in a real-time way via the Internet.


  • Development History02
      • 2014
        In 2014, the Testing Center was established.
      • 2012
        In February 2012,the VDE junction box witness testing qualification certificate was acquired.
      • 2011
        In January 2011,
        the Gold Sun Certificate for solar photovoltaic products was obtained from China General Certification Center and the Testing Center became one of the first to obtain such a certificate in the photovoltaic industry of China.
      • 2010
        In April 2010,
        the photovoltaic materials test room was founded.
        In February 2010,
        the National Laboratory Accreditation Certificate was acquired fromChina National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS).
      • 2009
        In December 2009,
        the TDAP Certificate was issued by the VDE and the Testing Center became the first VDE-recognized photovoltaic products witness testing laboratory in Asia.
        In June 2009,
        the WTDP Certificate issued by the UL was got and the Testing Center became the first UL-recognized photovoltaic products witness testing laboratory in the photovoltaic industry of China.
      • 2008
        In August 2008,
        the nameplate of the Testing Center was issued by Jiangsu (Suntech) Photovoltaic Technology Research Institute.
  • Testing Capabilities03
      • IEC 61215:2005 ed2Crystalline-silicon terrestrial photovoltaic (PV) modules—Design qualification and type approval
      • IEC 61730-2 2004 Photovoltaic (PV) module safety qualification—Part 2: Requirements for testing
      • IEC 61701 Ed.2 Salt mist corrosion testing of photovoltaic (PV) modules
      • Exceeding standard testing
      • Double IEC testing
        Combined testing
        Limit testing
        Dynamic load testing
        Outdoor testing
        Others (like PID testing)
      • VDE 0126-5: 2008 Photovoltaic junction box testing
      • Testing of materials (EVA, backboard, sealant, glass, and welding strip)
  • Testing Equipment04
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