• Suntech Showcases Signature So... 2017-09-12 Suntech Showcases Signature Solar Modules at the 2017 Solar Power International in Las Vegas LAS VEGAS, Sept. 12, 2017 -- Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd. ("Suntech") annouce today that it is participating as a main exhibitor at the 2017 Solar Power International (SPI 2017) held in Las Vegas. Opened on September 10, SPI is North America's premierbusiness-to-business event which is for all professionals in the solar energy and other related fields. More than 18,000 solar energy industry profes...

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Suntech helps you stand out.

Suntech products have gone through 52 different quality checks for maximum reliability, efficiency and longevity. In addition, we take weekly samples and test them according to the international IEC 61215/61730 standard. It is no surprise then that we can give a ten-year warranty on our products in good conscience. However, we do not rely solely on our own tests; we have our products tested and examined carefully over and over again by renowned independent institutes.
Across the world. Suntech only cooperate with a group of selected partners, see our partners worldwide. Being a certificated installer of Suntech has already proved your credential in many aspects. Year around, we organizd custumer events of different flexible formats. So stay tuned and we are looking forward to your presence. See our list of worldwide exhibition events. We also support your business by providing customized marketing materials that fit into your needs. Talk to our local representatives and let them know your requirement.
Did you know that Suntech modules cover the energy consumption of 4 million 4 person households worldwide?
-We assist every single customer to make the most out of sunlight for everyday life.
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