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HiPerforma™ module series

Up to 15% higher energy output through advanced Pluto cell technology


Learn more about the Pluto success story

In 2009, after eight years of intensive R&D, the PERL solar cell design developed by leading scientists at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) was successfully commercialized to Suntech's production lines as Pluto solar cells. Well exceeding efficiencies achieved by conventional screen-printing processes, Pluto technology has been independently verified to reach efficiencies of greater than 19% in mass production. Since their installation beginning in 2010, Suntech's HiPerforma™ modules (Powered by Pluto technology) have yielded more kWh/kWp than standard technologies in the field. Today Pluto is a reliable and advanced cell technology that leads the way in efficiency and performance 



Unique design for Highest Performance: The unique features of Pluto technology in comparison to standard cells:

pluto-cells Narrow metal fingers:
Using a proprietary technique to create metal contacts, Pluto cells have ultra narrow metal fingers on the front surface, achieving a line width of 25 – 30 µm (compared to standard line widths of 80 – 120 µm) and reducing the total amount of metal needed to form efficient contacts. Reducing the metal coverage allows more of the cell surface to be exposed to sunlight allowing more current to be generated.
More generated current 

Selective emitter technology:
Our innovative cell design utilizes selective emitter technology, where the properties of different regions of the emitter layer are optimized to enhance performance. The result—cur rent is more efficiently generated and collected in the active area of the cell.
More generated current

Improved Spectral Response
Sunlight consists of a wide light spectrum. Pluto cells can use more light in this spectrum, increasing efficiency especially in the morning and evening hours and in diffused light conditions.
Higher efficiency



Your Benefit

+2 to 5 % Additional Power Output
Suntech`s HiPerforma modules have a temperature coefficient of -0,40%/K in average (standard mono crystalline cells -0,45%/K) and an excellent weak light performance resulting in a up to 2% - 5% better energy output. Since 2010 several installations are proving that HiPerformaTM modules are producing more power compared to standard modules with the same name plate power
Higher energy output in operating conditions

+10 % Higher Efficiency vs standard c-Si technologies
With actual Pluto technology our HiPerformaTM modules achieve a module efficiency of 16%
Higher module power density (power per area) maximizes energy output while minimizing Balance of System for highest ROI

up to 15% better return compared to standard solar modules


Pluto technology is applied to both mono and polycrystalline cells:

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